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La Foresteria

Foresteria Valsesia is delighted to welcome you...

Welcome in la bella Italia, land of superb food, radiant sunshine, countless vineyards, plenty of culture and preserved nature.

Many travellers have found their way to the sumptuous Aoasta Valley and South Tirol in the North of Italy. Yet plenty of unique and unspoiled places of Northern Italy are waiting to be discovered. Take Valsesia, not just a green, but Italy's greenest valley, a region offering a unique and wide array of sports, gastronomy and culture.


Valsesia grants its name to the river Sesia flowing through the valley. This vast area is situated in the north of the Vercelli province, in the Piemonte region. The mountainous valley follows the course of the Sesia from the slopes of Monte Rosa to the villages Romagnano and Gattinara. Rosa is the name given to the mountain which fills the sky with a rosy pink glow in the winter sunsets and colours the tracks left by the skis, being Europe's highest mountain massif next to Mont Blanc.


A few years ago, a couple of Belgians landed in the little village of Rossa. They used their magic on an old mill and transformed it into a splendid hotel:the Foresteria Valsesia, wonderfully set on the banks of the Sermenza river, an affluent of the Sesia.

The hotel forms the perfect base to explore this scenic area - a genuinely hospitable hotel, in a welcoming region.

The staff's love for sports, nature, culture and gastronomy is reflected in the wide offer of varied and tailored activities ranging from active challenges to services especially designed to help you enjoy the relaxed Italian atmosphere.